Home X is a NFT project and a Play & Earn idle browser game powered by MultiversX.

Our first NFT collections open up a web3 universe and game, designed to reward our holders and to curate a global community of creators & gamers, deeply involved in our art, story and mechanics.

We are developing a new home for collectors, a new home for builders and a new home for earning.

“The First Travelers” will grant membership to an exclusive community of collectors and creators, with access to our Play & Earn game, rewards, airdrops, raffles, events and future tokens.

Holding NFTs will grant you access the first season, a story-driven browser game with staking utility and a weekly quests system.

By playing our P&E game and completing the weekly quests, you will compete with others and earn rewards: Golden Tickets, possible $EGLD prizes, NFTs and much more.











Why build on MultiversX?

"The First Travelers" opens up an entire web3 world, created around these characters.


Given MultiversX's scalable architecture and its vision to build new worlds, we have found the most suitable home to further develop our universe and our game.

When does the P&E game launch?

Season 1 has been built and will be live right after the mint.


Aiming to launch an ideal version, we will work out the final details with key members from our community, and form "The Elders" group!

Who are The Elders?

"The Elders" is an exclusive group of key community members.


They play an advisory role and will further develop the project’s vision and mission alongside the team.


To learn more about the other benefits and how to become a member of The Elders, please visit our Discord group.

How can I earn $Egld?

By staking NFTs, you will earn the main Home X token called $ENERGY, and you may access the first season of the game.


By playing our browser game and completing quests, you may earn Golden Tickets and multiple other prizes. 


These can all be exchanged with other players for $EGLD.